Wednesday, July 09, 2014

60 Days to More Wealth Exercise - Day 39

60 Days to More Wealth, Health & Prosperity Exercise
Adapted from Dr. Silvia Hartmann’s Book “60 Second Wealth Creators”

39 The Bigger Picture
Today, we have a simple thought exercise that helps us learn to “zoom” better because when you have an empire to run, you need to be able to return to the “bigger picture” now and then!
We start simply with a valuable object, such as a diamond ring, or a large golden coin.
Now, zoom out and note that this is a part of a treasure chest.
Zoom out again – WHERE is this treasure chest? It is standing on …
Zoom out again – like you are seeing the landscape where the treasure chest is from a hot air balloon.
Zoom out again – see the landscape from a high flying jet plane.
Zoom out one more time – see the entire planet upon which our chest is located.
Now reverse the movement until you are back with the coin in the chest.
Pick it up, put it in your pocket and – well done!

Daily Switchword:  TAKE = To develop leadership skills.

In your journal write down any insights, thoughts or inspirations received today.
My “Aha” moment is….
I am grateful for….

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