Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Doing the Producer Strut

My latest script is finished. I've gone over it dozens of times that I'm having dreams about it. So, I figured that it's time to get it out there. I did let a few people read it. Funny, though. All the women love it and the men aren't too thrilled. Not that it's a bale basher or anything! Promise! At any rate, one producer asked to read the script and 2 others asked for the synopsis so I sit and wait. I hope to hear something whether yeah or nay next month. Ah the pain of having patience! At any rate, it's out of my control for the moment so I'm starting on a new project.

I also signed up for a Creating High Concepts class. I hope it's worth the $150 bucks. I'll let you know.

The saga continues...


Monday, January 03, 2005

My career's alive in 2005!

Every year I create a slogan that's meant to motivate, no push me into action. I've been honing my screenwriting craft for 4 years now and have not made any progress. Not that I've tried. I was never focused or persued it wholeheartedly but that's all gonna change. Actually, in 2004 I made more progress than I had in the last 3.5 years. I wrote three scripts and started marketing which I never really did before. I guess because I didn't feel I had any high concept scripts to push. I've always sought out screenwriting groups and other hopeless souls on the path. Why do we torture ourselves like this? Probably because we can't help it. No matter what happens, we can never give up. As long as you try, there's an opportunity to make it. If you give up and quit then it's never going to happen.

I finished "Dogged" a comedy. I really enjoyed working on this project and think this could be the one to jump start my stale writing career. I've sent it out at the end of December 2004 to a producer who is also a director and has a movie coming out in 2005 with Vivica Fox and Bill Bellamy. Wow! I really hope he likes it. In case he doesn't, I'm researching who else I could send my script to. I honestly will be surprised if he doesn't like it because he likes comedies and this script is pretty funny and has a lot of heart. Fingers, toes and eyes crossed. I'll keep you posted.

The saga continues...