Friday, September 27, 2013

Attract the Career of Your Dreams

Attract the Career of Your Dreams
by Tara Taylor

Do you love what you are doing as a career right now? If yes, great, keep applying those steps to manifest an even higher level of happiness and if no, give these tools a try and you will be on your way to living out what you day dream about.

Keep your eyes on the target, or shall I say intention:

Everyday visualize yourself doing the task or career that you day dream about, allow it to bring a smile to your face.

Keep those feelings on target/intention:

As you are smiling and visualizing yourself doing this career or task, allow yourself to feel it. You will get a tingling feeling and a warm sensation throughout your body. Allow yourself to feel how happy you are doing that career and task.

Keep your ego in check:

As you are doing this little exercise, your ego will be triggered and it will say things like, How are going to do that? How will you make money? You are not smart enough? (You get my point) It will give you all the reasons why you “cannot or should not do it.”
Write out all those fears on a blank piece of paper and take three deep breaths rip that piece of paper into tiny little pieces and as you throw those papers away say “I now send those fears back to the illusion they came from.”

Then go back to step one “keep your eyes on target” and continue the process. This will clear out any fear or blocks you may have about accomplishing your dream career.

Do this a few times in the next few days and I assure that you will start to see movement in the path of YOU loving your career.

This is a little something different that can actually be applied to every area of your life.  Tara is a great coach and I wanted to share an excerpt from her weekly newsletter.

Hope it helps to enhance your life in totality.

Write right and write on!