Thursday, May 11, 2023

4 Days, 5 Power Moves: Crafting Your Netflix Pitch Worthy TV Show Bible Like a Boss

Okay, folks, it's Natasha "TV Maven" Williams here!

Let's talk TV series bibles. Imagine it's like a secret codebook that outlines your entire proposed show. It's a sneak peek into the lives of your beloved characters, the dramatic arcs they'll traverse, and the world they inhabit. If your TV show bible doesn’t scream "binge-worthy", your series might just end up being better suited for a one-off TV movie or feature film. Yikes! 

Here's a heads-up: These power moves can double as a brainstorming session to flesh out your TV show before you even start penning the bible. So, let's get cracking!

Pre-step: Always remember, there’s no such thing as a totally fresh idea, just your spicy, ingenious spin on an old one. So, get creative, skip the snoozefest, and make it a page-turner!

Day One:

  • Power Move #1: Start with a killer title that'll get everyone's attention.
  • Power Move #2: Pen down your series concept in two punchy paragraphs. Cut out the fluff and hone in on the meaty details that get to the heart of your story.

Day Two:

  • Power Move #3: Transport us to your series' universe. Paint a vivid picture of the world where your characters live.
  • Power Move #4: Give us the lowdown on your main characters. Who are they? What are they after? How do they interact with each other? Keep it short and sweet.

Day Three:

  • Power Move #5: Develop six sample episode storylines. These should be brimming with challenges your characters will face each week. And remember, tension is key! A story with no conflict is like a pizza with no cheese. No, thank you!

Day Four:

Post-step: Time to refine your masterpiece. Make sure it’s engaging, unique, and free of grammar mishaps.

And voila! There you have it, your rough draft bible in just four days! If you hit a roadblock, don't sweat it. Take a break, get back to it later. Don't let a hiccup halt your progress. After all, even the best of us need a little extra time to polish our gems. 

Once you've got a rock-solid bible, it's time to move on to the fun part - writing the pilot episode!

A Quick Dose of Pilot Wisdom

A pilot episode is the litmus test for your series. It's the make-or-break moment, where networks decide if they want to invest in more episodes. But hey, even if your pilot doesn't make the cut, don't fret! It can still be transformed into a spec screenplay.

Did you know that some iconic shows like Eureka and Babylon 5 started as TV movies? That's right! So, you never know what path your script might take. It could become a standalone movie, a sequel, a franchise, or even a spin-off show! Always think about the potential for your script to become more.

In Summary:

  • A TV series bible is an essential tool to pitch your series, providing insights into characters, themes, and the show's sustainability.
  • Day One: Craft a captivating title and summarize your series in two tight paragraphs.
  • Day Two: Describe your story world and give succinct bios of your characters.
  • Day Three: Whip up six sample episode storylines, highlighting the conflict and tension in each.
  • Day Four: Proofread, edit, and ensure your bible is unique and engaging.
  • Don't get discouraged by potential roadblocks; take your time to polish and perfect your bible.
  • Once your bible is ready, it's time to write the pilot episode.
  • Keep in mind, even if your pilot doesn't lead to a series, it can still be a great spec screenplay.
  • Always consider the future potential of your script – it could lead to sequels, franchises, or spin-offs!

That's all, folks! Remember, creativity may be a wild mind, but it's a disciplined eye. Write with passion, write with purpose. Write on!

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