Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Striking Writer Martini

Hey Everyone,

I found this on a screenwriting blog and thought it was cute. Think I may have to go home and make one for myself. I do have all the ingredients and plus, it's hump day. I'll let you know how it turned out.

Enjoy and happy holidays!

High Time For 'The Striking Writer Martini'
The drink created by screenwriter Nian Aster was first offered at “The Backstage Bar” then “La Campanile,” “M Bar” and “Chan Dara,” with discounted rates and menus for Writers Guild members. "Cinespace” on Hollywood Boulevard is hosting a complementary evening Wednesday for striking writers with free beer, shots, and Striking Writer Martinis. Here’s the recipe:

The Striking Writer Martini
2 oz vodka "to fortify against the cold Strike Winter"
2 oz cranberry juice "as the writers are seeing red"
1 oz sweet and sour mix "they’re grateful for solidarity in this bitter struggle"
4 drops vanilla (or use vanilla vodka) "to symbolize the 4 cent raise they asked for"
"There’s no cherry in this drink, as writers aren’t getting a piece of the pie. Garnish with a half a redvine, as they hope to be back on the set soon."