Friday, October 29, 2010

Earn a 7 Figure Income by Developing the Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

I found this article strictly by chance if you believe in coincidences. I don't. I believe everything happens for a reason and there are no coincidences. Hopefully, no matter what you are going through, this article will lift your spirits where they have been down and give you a renewed inspiration and motivation for your own dreams. Enjoy!


Earn a 7 Figure Income by Developing the Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

By Ben Frank Jr.

How would you like to earn a 7 figure income? I know to most people earning millions of dollars a year sounds impossible, yet there are people all over the world who indeed earn vast incomes, many exceeding the 7 figure mark. And contrary to what many people think, most of these individuals actually work less, much less, than the rest of the world who works hard and never gets ahead financially. What is the difference between these individuals who earn thousands of dollars a day working part time (or even not working at all) and those who work all the time and still end up broke? It all comes down to the mindset of the individual. When you develop the secrets of the millionaire mind you will realize that making money can be done in a whole new light, and you will have the necessary tools to take you to any financial goal that you may have.

So just what are the secrets of the millionaire mindset that can take you from financial lack to a earn a 7 figure income? By applying the following principles in your life you will begin doing things in a way that will support your in reaching all of your financial, business, and personal goals.

Grand Thinking-Do you think that the size of your thinking relates to the size of your income? It definitely does. Small thinking and goal setting may seem safe and easy, but the results will be no larger than the goal itself. People who earn millions of dollars had set that goal for themselves. Had they only set their sites on a 6 figure income, that is where they would have ended up. If you want to earn a 7 figure income, you need to think big and set grand goals.

Laughing at Fear-Do you think that it is easy to earn millions? Well, it may not be as difficult as you think, but one thing is for sure; You Must Be Willing to Take Action. When you set a big goal for yourself, sooner or later you will be presented with the opportunity that you need to realize that goal. It may be frightening and intimidating, but don't let that stop you. Millionaires are courageous and act even when they feel fear. They simply feel it and act anyway.

Get Paid on Results-Do you think that millionaires earn an hourly wage? Most likely not. When you decide to earn a 7 figure income, you need to have the ability and potential to earn that kind of money. When you get paid based on the amount of time you work, your chances of getting rich are greatly diminished. Get into business for yourself, work on commissions, or get paid for the results you attain. Only then can your income become unlimited.

Be Persistent-If wealth came easily and quickly, there would be many more rich people that there are. Most everyone wants wealth, but not everyone is persistent enough to stick with their goals long enough to make it happen. If you truly have the desire to earn a 7 figure income, make sure that you are committed fully to the pursuit. Unless you quit you cannot fail.


Ben is a young entrepreneur who has several successful businesses under his belt, and enjoys sharing information on a wide range of business, financial, and entrepreneurial topics. Visit Home Business Advantage and the Home Business Blog

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Visiting Israel

I'm currently in Israel for work and it's such an amazing place.  Last night I saw a camera crew and it reminded me of moviemaking.  No matter where you are in the world, someone is making a film.  Totally inspiring.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Script Tip: Write a Screenplay in 8 weeks!

Here are some tips for writing your screenplay in 8 weeks.  Note, this is just the first draft to get the movie in your head out on the page.   Then the rewriting starts but you have to have something to rewrite, right?  Here goes it.  Give it a whirl. For more informaton on selling your script, check out my book on or Barnes and, The #1 Secret to Sell Your Screenplay to Hollywood.

Week One:

Write your logline and synopsis

Write an outline of the story using paragraph or beat sheet format

Week Two:

Write the inciting incident and first 15 pages.

Week Three:

Write next 15 pages—Finishing Act I.

Your screenplay should be around 30 pages.

Week Four:

Write next 15 pages.

Be sure to include enough conflict to keep the story moving and interesting.

Your screenplay should be around 45 pages.

Week Five:

Write next 15 pages.

Consult the beat sheet regularly to make sure you are staying on track.

Your screenplay should be around 60 pages.

Week Six:

Write the next 15 pages.

You should be finishing Act II.

Your screenplay should be around 75 pages.

Week Seven:

Write the next 15 pages.

Act II should be completed and are approaching Act III.

Your screenplay should be around 90 pages.

Week Eight:

Write the final 15 pages.

Be sure to tie up all loose ends.

Congratulations! You should have approximately 105 – 110 pages. You have finished ACT III and completed your screenplay. Put the script away and celebrate.

Week Nine:

Now that you have the first draft of your screenplay, re-read the screenplay.

Use the Script Tip Rewrite Sheet as a guide. (Found in my book, The #1 Secret to Sell Your Screenplay to Hollywood".)

Week Ten:

Once you have written your script and it’s the best you can get it, give it to someone else to read. You may consider hiring a Script Consultant to provide an unbiased evaluation.

Week Eleven:

While your script is away getting a second opinion, rework the logline and synopsis. Create a dynamic one page for marketing your script to sellers. Identify potential buyers for your screenplay.

Week Twelve:

If you have received your script analysis back, incorporate the ideas to make your script better. Once the revisions have been made, reread the screenplay once more. If needed, you can usually resend the same script back to the script consultant for a new analysis based on the changes and revisions for a discounted fee. If you feel your script is as good as it gets, revised the logline, synopsis and “One Page” with any new information. Write query letters to the potential buyers previously identified. While waiting for them to come back with a read request, start outlining your next movie. Then start the process all over again. Note: If they do not ask to read it, continue to do research to find other potential buyers. Also, do not forget to search for pitch festivals where you can meet buyers face-to-face. Also, consider attending workshops and conferences that provide networking opportunities such as the Screenplay EXPO (usually held in October of every year) and any Sherwood Oaks Experimental College events (various dates throughout the year).

Follow-up Notes:

Remember, giving up is not an option. Winners never quit and quitters never sell. Keep on pressing on until something happens. Those who make it are those who continue to show up.

Good luck.
Here's to making all your endings happy ones.