Monday, February 08, 2010

Writing in 2010, IMDB credit and Sundance update!

It's 2010, we're into a new year. A new year means new goals. Setting goals is a good way to keep on track and to ward off procrastination. Plus, it can be rewarding at the end of the year to see that all your hard work paid off, even if your goal was to complete one screenplay.

I returned from Sundance a couple of weeks ago and it was a very good experience. I came back with a lot of enthusiasm and motivation to get more scripts sold.

Also, I have received my first IMDB credit for the short film I worked on last October. It's a small credit but it's a credit that starts the ball rolling. Also, the director and the producer has requested that I be the Script Supervisor on the next film as well that will begin production in the bay area in the next month or so. I thought that was a great honor considering it was the first time I had acted in that role. So, credit #2 is already in the works. And if my sold project goes into production this year...fingers crossed...I will have another credit or two.

If you get anything from this post it would be to set goals, even small measurable attainable goals for 2010, continue to write and perfect your craft, have patience (much is required in this industry) and never give up. Persistence does pay off, eventually.

Write on!

Link to my credit on IMDB... Yeah!!!