Tuesday, July 15, 2014

60 Days to More Wealth Exercise - Day 45

60 Days to More Wealth, Health & Prosperity Exercise
Adapted from Dr. Silvia Hartmann’s Book “60 Second Wealth Creators”

Day 45 - Wealth In Its WIDEST Sense …

At a MindMillion workshop, there was a demonstration with a participant, trying to get her to be excited about wealth – but it wasn’t happening.
She just stood there all grim and resistant – until the instructor said, “Open yourself to wealth – in its widest metaphorical sense …”
Then she sighed happily, eyes closed and this soft big smile spread from her lips through her entire body and she nodded, “Yeaahhh …”
So today, I would ask you to spend one minute closing your eyes and considering what “wealth of what” would make you sigh with pleasure and smile all over.
A wealth of love? A wealth of respect? A wealth of service? A wealth of sex?
Well you know what you like – right?
Wealth is a many splendored thing … and your 60 seconds starts right NOW.

Daily Switchword:  ACT COUNT = To increase money

In your journal write down any insights, thoughts or inspirations received today.
My “Aha” moment is….
I am grateful for….

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