Sunday, July 20, 2014

60 Days to More Wealth Exercise - Day 50

60 Days to More Wealth, Health & Prosperity Exercise
Adapted from Dr. Silvia Hartmann’s Book “60 Second Wealth Creators”

Day 50 - 6 Reasons Why You Must Be Wealthy
In wealth creation, we often hear talk about wants and needs, and hopes and dreams of riches and of wealth, but today, we are going to use another driver instead.
Namely, we will find 6 reasons why you MUST become rich, and wealthy.
Failure is not an option, right?
So, take a minute now to find those six IMPORTANT reasons FOR YOU.
Ready, steady, GO!

Daily Switchword:  BLUFF = To dispel fear or nervousness, enhance imagination and dreams

In your journal write down any insights, thoughts or inspirations received today.
My “Aha” moment is….
I am grateful for….

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