Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Selling a Script on Title Alone - Create High Concept Titles

Is it possible to sell a script on a title alone?  Rarely but yes.  People have done it but even if you aren't an A-list screenwriter, you can at least get people interested in your book or screenplay by stating the title alone if it's a high concept title.  The title followed by a magnificient logline will get you read.  Below are tips excerpted from the book, "The #1 Secret to Sell Your Screenplay to Hollywood".


A good title must be:

1. Concise. One to five words is the best length.

2. Genre-appropriate, The Bourne Identity hints at suspense and threat.

3. Relevant. The audience feels cheated if they can’t see a title’s relevance.

This doesn’t mean the relevance always has to be obvious from the beginning. But never take a passing detail and stick it in the title for show.

4. Intriguing. Makes people wonder what or who the story is about. Will the title you’re considering make readers ask questions, questions you answer in your story?

5. Tantalizing. Makes your title irresistible.

6. Memorable. Titles should be easy to remember. The catchier the better.

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