Wednesday, November 09, 2011

What types of scripts are selling in 2011?

What types of scripts are selling in 2011?

Here’s a break down of the genres sold in October 2011 per the Scoggins Report:

New Specs 47
Number Sold 20
Percent Sold 43%

Genres Sold
2 Action/Adventure
5 Comedy
5 Drama
1 Horror
3 Sci-Fi
3 Thriller
1 Unknown

The amazing thing is that people in the industry will tell you to NOT write a drama because those don’t sell, well as you see, William Goldman was right...nobody knows anything...especially when it comes to what will sell. The one “unknown” that sold was probably a script that couldn’t easily fit into any drama...who knows.

The lesson is to write from your heart, continue to show up on the page and know that good writing will eventually sell.  If you keep at it and believe that quitting is not an option, your time will come.

Write right and write on!


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