Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Hey MDS'ers,

Brief update. I have three more training classes and I have been
assigned to operate Camera One February 19th and February 26th. I'm so
nervous and I'm really hoping to make the best out of the remaining
training classes but you only learn by actually doing it. We have a
meeting right afterwards to talk about what went right and what went
wrong. Aie! Wish me luck because I don't want to be the girl who
screwed up the film for those weeks especially since there's only like
4 of us and the rest are dudes. However, Camera Two is the main camera
so if I mess up, all won't be lost but I plan on doing my very best.
Girls can have a good eye for the camera as well...I'm hoping to prove
that. Girl power!

I'll keep you posted. If I don't get scheduled in March then we know
why! :)

Write on and I guess shoot on, too!

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Nathan Jones said...

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