Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Free Screenwriting interviews on IPod Prodcasts

Hey everyone,

I recently purchased the IPod Nano and noticed that there is a
Prodcast called The Treatment that can be downloaded for free.
On THE TREATMENT, film critic Elvis Mitchell turns the tables and
gives the "treatment" to some of the most influential and innovative
forces creating movies and popular art and entertainment.
Each week, Elvis speaks with an amazing array of guests, discussing
everything from their inner conflicts to their interior design. With
a straightforward style that understates his vast knowledge, Elvis
is able to extract insights, issues and inspirations from even the
most introverted guests. Conversations on THE TREATMENT are mostly
comfortable, sometimes contentious, but always fascinating.

There are eight available now. I'm listening to the following while
I'm at work:

1. In the dark comic thriller, The Matador, writer-director Richard
Shepard uses British crime films, Graham Greene, and his star,
Pierce Brosnan, as both context and subtext. He'll talk about giving
a hit man a soul.

2. The Wedding Crashers is a wild risqu-- comedy about players who
are finally played. Its authors, Steve Faber and Bob Fisher, are
also very clear about its political commentary, too. It's all about

3. Backdraft, A Beautiful Mind, Ransom, and now Cinderella Man.
Films by director Ron Howard are dramas that deal with fear -- fear
of being stripped of your tools. It's as if the artist fear being
left bereft.

Check it out if you have an IPod. I'm going to search to see if
there are more for screenwriters. So far, it has been interesting
listening to these directors, producers and screenwriters tell how
their projects came to be.

Write on!


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