Thursday, March 10, 2005

From DVD to Pay-per-view

Another way to get your films out there.

Dear Filmmaker,

Westpark Foundries is now accepting product for use on our two new
pay-per-view channels. We are looking for feature length films,
documentaries, and television programs.

We have deals with two new IPTV networks and are currently negotiating our
deal with a cellular provider for your submitted short films.

Westpark provides an 80-20 split. That means for every dollar that your
film earns on Pay-Per-View, you will receive .80 cents.

This is a non-exclusive deal, so that you may sell your film in any other
fashion you choose, and may end your agreement with Westpark at any time, by
giving us 30 days written notice to remove your Content from our offerings.

Please visit: and fill out the
submission form and mail your films to:

Westpark Foundries


1312 Yorkshire

Austin, Tx. 78723

We are only accepting DVD's at this time, no other format will be
considered. Please insure that your film is mastered as a DVD and NOT as a
VCD, they are very similar.

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