Friday, April 18, 2014

Living up to Your Full Potential

I found this great article in my email written by Natalie Ledwell that I wanted to share.  I prefer sharing short posts but this is just excellent so I had to post it.

Are you living to your fullest potential?
By Natalie Ledwell

Each one of us has AMAZING potential and a real opportunity to make a difference in the world... but not everyone realizes this within their lifetime.
If you'd like to start living your best life & discover how you can step into YOUR true potential, try these 6 powerful steps.

1. Rid Yourself of Internal Excuses >> We've all listened to that little voice in our head at one point or another that says something like 'Good things don't happen to people like me,' or 'I'm not smart enough.' The truth is, excuses are irrelevant and unnecessary, and they only hold us back from achieving what we want.
So stop letting your own excuses get in the way! Next time you hear that negative voice in your head, immediately replace it with a positive statement of encouragement.

2. Ask for it! >> Creating the life you desire also means being able to ask for what you want. Don't be afraid to vocalize your needs. You'll be surprised at how often people will respond positively to you when you honestly & clearly communicate what you want.

3. Realize Your Dreams Can Become Your Reality >> No matter how big or small your dreams are, you must believe that you can achieve them.
Continually inspire yourself by reading stories of people who rose above all obstacles to achieve their dreams and remind yourself that just as these other people have done it, you can too.

4. Have an open mind & seek out new perspectives >> A lot of opportunities pass people by because they're stuck in a limited pattern of thinking. Having an open mind is the first step to reaching your potential. Seek new opportunities & push the boundaries of your mind...doing this will help you to discover your unique talents and hidden strengths.

5. Set Out A Simple Plan >> Create a goal setting approach that works for you. Keep yourself accountable. Each week decide what you want to achieve and try to stick to it as closely as possible. Keeping a record of your progress will help you stay on track and focused.

6. Take Action >> You'll never reach your full potential if you continue to live the exact same life that you are living today. To BE different, you have to ACT differently. Living up to your full potential requires that you step out of your comfort zone and go after what you really want.

So what are you waiting for?

Don't start living up to your potential tomorrow, do it today, even if it means you're cutting short your lunch break or skipping your favorite TV program.
Actually put these steps into action and start being the person you want to be, the person you were meant to be.

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