Wednesday, July 28, 2010

5 Secrets to Success

5 Secrets to Success

1. Know what you don’t want. Flip switch that into a positive statement about what you do want.
2. Set your intentions on what you do want.
3. Get clear. Eliminate any contra thoughts that hinder what you do want.
4. Visualize and feel what it would be like if you had the things you want.
5. Let go of desperation and don’t get caught up in the how it will happen. Focus on your passion and take action.


Jason Matthews said...

These lessons are clear, simple and they just make sense. So why do so many people (me included at times) have trouble following through?
It reminds me of the concept of faith. If you truly have faith without any doubt at all, everything is possible. said...

You are right on target, Jason. To answer your question, it's because it is that simple that most people think there simply has to be much more to it for it to be true. When in all truth, everything in it's true essence is simple, we complicate things when we add the "human" factor to it. The concept of world peace is simple, too. Eliminate greed, have compassion and be happy for others then we'll all get along and wouldn't have all the strife we have today. Too simple, right?
Peace out!