Thursday, May 01, 2008

Top 10 Screenwriting Tips

Steve Kaire posted these screenwriting tips to an advertisement of his screenwritingseminarsbyphone site. I thought these were simple but much needing of reminding.

Screenwriting Tips
1. Scripts should be 90-100 pages, not 120.
2. Dialogue should be fresh & authentic. No cliches or chit-chat.
3. Have blocks of description & only snippets of dialogue.
4. To make your story original. your logline needs a hook which is a detail that makes your premise unique.
5. The order of pitching is: Title, Genre, then your Logline.
6. Pitch what your story is about, not what happens in the story.
7. By the end of your script, one of the main characters should change, also known as the character arc.
8. The best time to call & reach a Producer is 5-8 PM when his secretary has gone home.
9. High Concept scripts sell for more money than non-High Concept scripts.
10. Do not give a Free Option on your material. Accept at least a few thousand dollars as a show of good faith.

Write on!

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