Thursday, February 09, 2006

About Articles in Creative Screenwriting

Hi MDS'ers,

I was reading my latest issue of Creative Screenwriting last night and there was an article about a woman who is finally getting recognition in Hollywood just when she decided to quit. I actually saw her at the EXPO last November...never thought I would be reading about her in a national magazine and I never knew her struggle to get to the top. It had been 10 years and 16 scripts but she finally got a break last year. I was like "Wow!" But I guess the important message is to never ever give up and it will happen. I'm hanging on to that but I hope it doesn't take me 10 years! Then again, I'm already 5 years into the game so what's another 5.


Oh, there was another article about the girl who was at the EXPO who
had won one of the Nicholls Fellowships. I posted some information
about her a few months ago. That article shows how dedication and
belief in self can see you through. There was one sentence that
said she ate Top Ramen and generic Mac and Cheese for two years in
order to sacrifice and write full time. I did the Top Ramen thing
for an entire semester in college so I know what that's like but I
think my Top Ramen days are over! But it did make me realize that I
am not writing as much as I should be and I know I have a pressing
job that helps me not to have to do the Top Ramen thing but I
shouldn't let that stop me. I should be writing every night after
work even if it's a page. I may post that article, too.

Bon weekend mes amis.

Write on!

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