Thursday, July 17, 2014

60 Days to More Wealth Exercise - Day 47

60 Days to More Wealth, Health & Prosperity Exercise
Adapted from Dr. Silvia Hartmann’s Book “60 Second Wealth Creators”

Day 47 -  Bonus Marketing For Motivation

You know how folk add “bonuses” to their original core product in order to get people to buy?
It’s a kind of an auction, where you stack up more and more until a threshold breach occurs and then the action takes place – the customer hits the “buy me now” button, the bribed official crumbles and looks the other way, the lady who has been wined, dined, gifted and complimented sighs, “Yes …”
Someone who knows about bonus marketing used this on me today. They kept on upping the offer until I finally said yes and got in the car to drive to their house!
In a moment, think of something you really don’t want to do (but it would be good if you did!) and then, make a list of bonuses you can use to motivate yourself to get up and do it – now!
“If you (phone the accountant, pay your taxes, fire that lazy employee, finally sort out your credit cards, etc etc), then I will (give you a weekend holiday, buy you a new car, let you spend the weekend in bed, allow you to write that novel, etc etc etc).”
This is a fun exercise, so … have a go!

Daily Switchword:  BESTSELLER = To have a bestselling book, project or product

In your journal write down any insights, thoughts or inspirations received today.
My “Aha” moment is….
I am grateful for….

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